Do you want to increase your resilience and maximize your opportunities in the next 5 to 10 years?

We can't actually predict what is going to happen, but we can make sure that your team remains committed and that you keep learning and investing forward.

Foresight Transitions

About Us
For nations, organizations or teams struggling to decide on the best way forward in a volatile period, Foresight Transitions is an interim management, advisory, and investment platform that aims to keep its clients one step ahead and allows them to grow.
We have developed proprietary methods to help you and your team find their path and continue moving forward.
We can also leverage our network of supporting interrelated initiatives to your benefit, or match investment opportunities with investors.
You have an asset or assets that can strengthen futures and are looking for (co-)investors

Join our partner network and let us help you find buyers or (co-)investors
You want to invest in or acquire unique assets that can protect you or keep you moving forward

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Our Partners
Foresight Properties
Digital real estate and intellectual property
Equity in startups and innovative ventures
Real estate

Foresight Influencers
Rising star influencers with their own understanding of the right side of history, shaping a better world, one voice at a time.

Foresight Policies
Understanding, predicting, shaping, or integrating the policies of tomorrow
An event and network to exchange different perspectives, and tips and tricks on how to navigate the change in our world.

Our Projects
APPLIED UNIVERSITY PLATFORM: Forging a national security research agenda
Bringing together a national research and action agenda between all applied universities in the Netherlands working on security. This involves building partnerships and initiating different collaborations around thematic agenda's like cybersecurity, adaptive networks, physical security, data and intelligence.

INNOVEMBER: Turning civil servants into innovators
Developing and leading a month long nation wide innovation showcasing, learning and exchange program for more than 10 Ministries in the Netherlands. / more than 300 collaborators / more than 100 sessions / more than 10 000 participants

NATIONAL GROWTH FUND: Delivering transformative programs for Justice and Security
Leading the shaping of programs eligible for the national growth fund in the Netherlands (30 million EUR to 2 billion EUR programs) to deliver growth and safe transitions for the decades to come in the area of Justice, Freedom, and Security.

SEMA: Creating digital tools for scaling feedback on online public services
Foresight-Transitions led a 3 month experimentation for SEMA, guiding its way into a new value proposition in the digital realm. This entailed both product development as well as business development in a new market for them, Kenya.

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