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The Netherlands and Uganda are two countries that complement each other nicely.
One is a country at sea, the other is landlocked. One is flat as a razor, the other is wonderfully hilly. One has a more stagnant economy, a low degree of volatility with an older population and very low interest rates. The other has a more vibrant, growing economy and a fast growing and young population. The countries can strongly support each other's agricultural advancement, especially in the water, energy sector, agriculture, dairy and flower industry. The Netherlands also happens to be the country that channels the highest level of foreign direct investment into Uganda. One has vaccines to spare, the other one has vaccine scarcity. These are just some examples. The opportunities of collaboration are tremendous. Whether you are based in Uganda or in the Netherlands, having one foot in the other country gives you a tremendous advantage in tackling volatility moving forward.

Foresight-Transitions is currently leveraging its team's presence in both Uganda and the Netherlands to assist high-net-worth individuals or organizations who wish to build their presence in either country and further develop international trade and collaboration between the two nations. We have already assisted a Netherlands based organization with improving their digital footprint in Uganda, to remain active and develop new products during Covid Lockdown. We also co-own one large estate in Uganda and have a media presence asset in East Africa through

Many organisations invest in Uganda via the Netherlands because of its favorable tax system. Now Dutch policymakers currently wish to add anti-abuse statements in the treaty with Uganda. This could also have an impact on foreign direct investment streams in Uganda. The investment climate and a steady rule of law is an important aspect of the investment streams. We have interesting partnerships in this space too.

Our services
We can improve your digital presence, help you navigate volatility by leveraging the countries complementarity or provide an interim manager to help you with product or property development.